Below are some of the services we offer, but if it is a computer problem , we can sort it.

It can be difficult to price a repair over the phone but the following are some of the fixed price jobs we offer, some jobs will need bringing in for us to price properly but we offer a no fix / no fee service, we will check the job and sort a price but if you decide not to go ahead we will not charge a penny

Onsite callout

for just £50 we can visit your home or workplace and still beat high st prices

A home or work visit includes up to 1 hour labour, extra time is charged in half hour blocks (£12 per half hour) parts are charged extra, we fix most jobs onsite but of course some jobs require us to remove the computer / laptop to our premises for further work.

If we need to take the computer away for further work we will of course ring you with a price before completing the job.

This cost does depend where you live, anywhere I can drive to in half hour without breaking the speed limit is included

  • Windows installs and reinstalls
There are various reasons while a reinstall may be needed... sometimes a clean up of a slow or misbehaving system just wont be enough and a reinstall is the only option

A non booting system that cant be repaired after all the usual steps have failed may require a reinstall

Sometimes the customer may request returning the system to factory setting

The usual cost of a reinstall is £60, this includes a complete wipe, reinstall, install drivers, update windows and we also install a selection of programs including - Open Office (free office program), security progs, photo program and others so you can just plug in and get going, if you have your own prefered programs just remove ours and put yours on or leave the discs with us and we will install them for you.

Please note there is an extra charge if you need your files backing up of £24 for up to 5 gig of data.

  • Virus and spyware cleanups
If your computer or laptop is running slow, blue screening, has loads of pop ups, crashing or just behaving weirdly you may have a virus or spyware infection

drop it of to us and for £48 we will clean the infection and reset any messed up bits without losing your files

please note some deeply rooted infections may not clean 100% and we may have to do a full reinstall, see reinstall section above

  • Slow running computer or laptop

A computer that has slowed down can be very frustrating and prevent you getting the most from it, we can run a number of scans to check and clean the system, remove unnecessary startups and programs, defrag the system and give a general clean up, the cost of this is £48 

  • Internet and email troubleshooting

Poor internet speeds can be down to where you live, distance from your nearest telephone exchange or the the quality of your phone lines, both inside and outside of your property

Click this link to test your speed,      if your speed looks good the problem is probably with your computer or laptop

Problems with your internet browser or Windows setup can also cause slow downs, freezing, email problems etc, we will normally use our cleanup service to sort this, cost as above £48

  • Laptop screen replacement

The cost of replacing a laptop screen varies widely, due to varied screen panels costs and labour times involved stripping and reassembling

We have replaced screens, parts and labour from £40 upward, the only way to price a screen replacement is for us to check the laptop using our no fix no fee service

  • Insurance reports

If your laptop gets damaged, we can inspect and prepare a report for your insurance company, we then email the report direct to you and you forward it to your insurance company, this means things can move much quicker

If your insurance company wants more info they then call us direct, all this for £30

  • A few of our other services are.....
  • Computer and Laptop sales
  • Laptop running hot to the touch